Taking Action


First of all…welcome to my first blog entry! Thank you for joining me!

As I said on my welcome page, I was busy being a young mom in the 60’s when so many college students and young people were standing up and speaking out on Vietnam, civil rights, women’s rights, etc. But I did watch the news. And I read about the coverage. And a part of me wished I could be there to join them. I was an only child and often included in my parent’s conversations about politics over the dinner table. As a child, it didn’t really affect me. Or so I thought.  But now looking back, I think it had a lot of positive influence on me. Both of my parents were staunch Democrats. Because, according to my mother, “they were for the working people.” And in the early 60’s, along came John F. Kennedy. Not only was he a Democrat. He was from my home state of Massachusetts. Need I say more?

Back then, one had to be 21 to vote, which means I could cast my first Presidential vote in 1968. I was very disappointed not to be able to do that for either Kennedy. John had been assasinated in 1963 and Robert, only a few months before the November election. So the Democrat choice that year was Hubert Humphrey. And yes, he got my vote, but it was a very luke warm one. He just didn’t stir me. And as we know, Nixon won. Which I found disappointing, because our party lost. But the years went on and I found myself getting more and more involved in politics and social issues. So that by the time 2008 arrived, as President Obama encouraged, I WAS fired up! I campaigned and volunteered for him. And the rest is history. Literally. The past eight years.

And then, along came Hillary. The possibility of our first woman President. A woman who understood and empathized with ALL the social issues I believed it. Both as a woman and as a human being. I volunteered and campaigned for Hillary, like so many others across the country. And without dwelling on the heartbreaking results, we all know the outcome.

Which brings me to today….a few days before the next inauguration. As of the morning of November 9, not only was I shocked, dumbfounded, sad, terrified, uncertain and angry. I was energized! Because of my father being a union leader and fighting for what was right, I knew that change does not happen on its own. We MUST take action. So these past few months I’ve been searching for how, exactly, to do this.  And I’m finding more and more ways.

Right now, one of the most important is the Women’s March on Washington this coming Saturday. I’m not able to attend, but my friend, Sherry, is going. (And I have knit three of the pussy power hats for her and two other friends who are going) So this past Sunday I joined her for their meeting in St. Augustine to get info. (Photo above) I cannot begin to tell you the range of emotions I felt………inspired, energized, uplifted, proud and yes, even somewhat scared when I heard the safety info of what could happen and what to do if it does. These women are taking a risk. But they are to be applauded for doing the right thing! So while I’m boycotting watching the inauguration, I WILL be watching the March this Saturday.

I welcome YOUR thoughts and comments, so feel free to share your feelings. And I’ll see you here next time.


4 thoughts on “Taking Action

  1. Awesome first blog!! I to couldn’t wait to vote and my Dad took me the first time and it was amazing! Not watching the inauguration either but Saturday will be with all of those amazing women as they march, in spirit, and praying they are all safe and their great message is heard. Thank you once again for your friendship and looking forward to many more awesome blogs!!! God Bless!


    • So nice to see you here! Thank you for your support. Voting is one of our greatest rights! It gives one such a sense of empowerment. The result isn’t always what we hope for. But that’s okay too. That is where the action then takes place. To achieve the change we want!


  2. Nov. 9 came as a total shock to me, too. Hillary was not my first choice, but since Bernie didn’t make it onto the ballot, I gladly voted for her. I am SO going to miss the Obamas and am trying not to be too terrified of what’s coming, but it’s not easy. I have enjoyed every one of your books and look forward to reading your blog. Welcome!


  3. Actually, I supported Bernie the first few months. Even donated to his campaign and bought a coffee mug. But then I did more research on Hillary and I was with her 110%. I’m heartbroken the Obamas are leaving. And very scary and uncertain times are ahead. But, together we WILL get through this nightmare!


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