Normal vs Aware

Yes, I’m taking deep breaths here. Because today is the day I knew would come. I’ve known it since the morning of November 9, but it still does not make it one bit easier. There’s been a lot that has bothered me since that morning, but one of the biggest things for me is to hear people say, “Get over it.” Get over it? Despite what they might think, this is NOT sour grapes! Oh, no! It’s so much more!

I wasn’t happy when Bush won either, due to a hanging chad here in Florida. But hey, we DID get over it that time. We might not have agreed with the policies, etc. but we were not dealing with a person like Trump. But this time? This time is surreal.

In 2008 the night of President Obama’s inauguration, the Republican’s met at a steak house in DC to put together a strategy to make his Admistration fail. And ultimately, they did a mighty fine job and became the party of NO. Nothing got done with their assistance. They fought him every step of the way. And factor into that Trump ranting that President Obama was not legitimate and thus, the birther movement was formed.  And Trump and the Republicans now feel offended because John Lewis said this Presidency isn’t legitimate? Russia was heavily involved. He did NOT win the popular vote. I am not saying here the electoral vote wasn’t legitimate. (Although I do not agree with it!) What I am saying is I fail to see why what Trump said was okay and what John Lewis said is not. Trump has the lowest approval rating in four decades!

I’m strong believer that if somebody says something, either right or wrong, long enough and often enough, people tend to believe it. I think this had a lot to do with the outcome of the election. So when I hear others say, “Get over it,” or to give him a chance, etc. etc. I can only shake my head. What part of the campaign and the time since the election did they not understand? Everything Trump said is what he meant. Look at who he’s installing in his cabinet. Normally, a President attempts to surround themself with the best and the brightest. Experienced people. People who know more than they do in certain areas. This is not happening! Ben Carson? A man who said himself he wasn’t qualified. Betsy DeVos? Who has zero experience with public education. Elaine Chao? Oh, but wait…..SHE is Mitch McConnell’s wife!

My point is that all of this greatly concerns me. And no matter who you voted for, it should concern you too. So don’t be lulled into a false sense of security. Don’t let the abnormal, the absurd, the comforting things you might hear lull you into a sense of well-being. Because any Administration who wants to dismantle Medicare, (Something I paid into since my first job at age 16) who wants to privatize Social Security, (Also paid into that all my working life) who wants to rip apart health care, not accept immigrants, Muslims, gays, the disabled, women’s rights……….this type of Administration? This is an Administration to watch closely. VERY closely! So no matter who you voted for, be AWARE! Pay attention. Read newspapers. Follow reputable news coverage. GET involved.

I’m concerned. I’m worried. But I am aware. And I can only wonder….If I’m feeling all of these emotions today, the day of the Inauguration, what are the marginalized people in our society feeling?

See you here next time…………

4 thoughts on “Normal vs Aware

  1. After that nasty campaign, I decided that Americans need to continue monitoring our elected officials as robustly as we did during the campaign. I think your blog is a great example of participatory democracy, and I look forward to reading it.

    MY AWARENESS led me to believe the slogan: “The right wing and the left wing are wings of the same bird.” I believe that Trump and Clinton are so much alike that neither would be an improvement over the other. They BOTH serve the 1% elitists. They BOTH have nefarious ties to oligarchies. They BOTH speak with contempt for American citizens (Trump’s mocking of disabled, etc. and Clinton’s “basket of deplorables”). They BOTH have uncontrolled egos, family on their payrolls, and vast wealth, which they look to increase any way possible.

    I believe that the more we Democrats and Republicans bicker, the better the 1% likes it, because we are distracted while they rob us and destroy our planet in the name of their short-term profit, which will never, ever “trickle down.”

    But, this campaign has created much good! Now we see the lies of the MSM; fake news outlets; corrupt congressmen; warmongering; profitable scorched-earth bombings; paid protestors; new world order schemes, etc.

    As for myself, I will no longer argue partisan politics and destroy my peace of mind. Instead, I will help my fellow citizens where possible and watch a more just America slowly unfold. Thanks for listening, Terri!


    • Thank you for your comment. While I appreciate your thoughts, I’m afraid I can’t agree that Clinton and Trump were alike. However, I also feel that boils down to your core beliefs. What the Republicans have always stood for and what the Democrats stand for. So even though I might not agree with some of the things about Hillary, or any other Democrat, their overall agenda is on the same page as mine are. It’s about the big picture for me. All the issues they fight for and believe in have always been my core values.


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