Let’s Clarify . . .

I want to say that if you read my welcome page here, you saw that yes, I was going to write about a variety of topics. And I will.  However, my main reason for starting this blog was for me to write. To be able to write with freedom about issues and thoughts that were important to me. When I was under contract with Kensington for my fiction novels, never once did I mention politics either in my stories or on my author Facebook page. I felt it simply wasn’t right to mix politics and “business.”

However, now that I’m no longer under contract I feel justified to choose my subject matter for my blog. And during this vitally important week with so much going on politically, this is what I chose to write about.

Which leads me to the word “politics.” According to Webster, the definition of politics is: The principles, aims, or policies of a government or of the parties or groups within a government.

This pretty much covers most aspects of our lives. All of our lives. In one way or another. If you’re 65 or older, do you have Medicare or know someone who does? Do you have children or grandchildren in school? Do you want to breathe clean air and drink safe water? Do you want safety when you travel? Protections when you work? Are you getting my point?

Okay, you don’t have to be a political junkie (as I admit I am) but I would hope that you would exercise your right to vote. And if you do that, I would also hope that before you cast any vote you would have done even minimal research on how that candidate feels in relation to the above issues and so many more. Because civil rights, women’s rights, health care, any of the rights, protections, etc. do not happen by osmosis. We vote for them! And to coin the phrase that’s been flying around all week………..Elections have consequences! For good. And for bad.

So it makes me sad when someone buries their head in the sand. And while one doesn’t have to be addicted to politics, I would hope they are at least aware enough to make informed choices when it counts. On the ballot.

And with all of this said, yes, I will be writing about other things. I promise. But I feel the past few days were not the time to do that.

See you here next time…………

12 thoughts on “Let’s Clarify . . .

  1. I agree with everything that you said. We must stand up for what’s right. It is getting more difficult every day to do so. Where were the people that came out to march last Sat. on voting day? Hopefully 2018 we can go to the voting both and make a difference. Let’s keep the fight going!


    • Hoping the people who came to the March are reforming into local groups. Hoping the people who voted on November 8 realize that our job as citizens is not finished simply by voting. Hoping that I’m not the only one who believes that no political party is so perfect that we don’t have to monitor them after we vote. This is the first time I can remember that there was any public demonstration of interest after an election. Blogs like this help maintain momentum, because we are in a “do or die” situation at this time.


      • I can only speak for my area, but newly formed groups are forming everywhere. I joined the Indivisible Group and also ACLU and Planned Parenthood. We absolutely must stay on top of it and from the national coverage, it seems that’s what’s happening. Every single day, there’s a new executive order and soon a nominee for Supreme Court. The writing was on the wall before November 8 and now it’s a reality. So staying vigilant is the ONLY way!


  2. I don’t believe that the people who marched last Saturday didn’t necessarily vote. Remember, Hillary received about 3 Million more votes than Trump but due to the unfortunate gerrymandering that has been going on too long, she lost the Electoral College. I think it’s probably time to get rid of the Electoral College because it really violates the “one person, one vote” tenet and I don’t see how it’s doing anybody any good. It’s not a coincidence that this is the 2nd time in 20 years that the person who got the most actual votes did not end up in the White House, nor that the Democrat won the votes but the Republican won the Electoral College. I don’t feel that the EC really represents the country when in many states, the delegate has to vote for the candidate who won the district, even if it’s by only one vote and the district was drawn to ensure a certain party won (take a look at the outline of so many districts and tell me they’re so deformed by “happenstance.” Here in Florida, after the voters demanded that districts be more logically drawn, a judge did send the district map back to the legislature several times, and the legislature finally accepted, for the time being, one drawn by the League of Women Voters and Common Cause.)


    • I’m certainly not convinced either that a majority of people who marched didn’t vote. Despite what he’s saying now….the proof is in the numbers. Hillary absolutely won that popular vote. Just a shame those swing states…..and especially Florida…..didn’t choose her. I absolutely agree on the gerrymandering! And I believe that’s a major reason why he’s bellyaching now about the popular vote being illegal ….squash more voting rights. As far as the electoral vote, I’ve never liked it and I believe we’re the only country who uses it. But I don’t have a lot of hope that will change. Then again……..


  3. I agree with you Terri but some days it’s to much so I have to take a break from these polictical events…turning off the Tv for a few days helps but we never really can get away from it…
    I think this is your blog and your words and thoughts and you should just write whatever is happening for you on any given day. I love visiting you here just as much as I loved reading your books…and now, I feel better because I have my pink yarn and I can help out…those hats are not going out of style any time soon…
    I’m still sticking by my prediction…he will not make it four years…trust in that…
    Have a beautiful weekend…


    • I’m a firm believer in balance! So I certainly understand! I know when I’ve reached my limit, need to take a step back and chill out. Usually, with music, reading, knitting or a fun social event. Feeling overwhelmed doesn’t take long, so I’m on top of it. Right….those hats will be around for a while. Glad you found some pink yarn. Happy knitting and I’m glad you could join me here.


  4. Totally on the same page as you. My husband is self-employed and I work part time so we have purchased our own insurance for over 20 years, and usually could not afford anything that would actually give us any kind of coverage. Due to high deductibles and now a decrease in income, we have benefitted from the ACA and live in fear of what will happen if GOP and their elected head continue to try to undo all the good that President Obama did for our country. I am so frustrated at my fellow citizens for being unable to see what morons from top to bottom they have elected. They truly are the deplorables. Seems no one actually cared or bothered to fact check or do research on the idiots they have saddled us with for the next four years. I am truly ashamed that our country is going to have to fight to keep the progress we have had and unfortunately will probably lose many good things that we have always taken for granted like SS, Medicare and Medicaid, decent public education and just progress in general. I have had to stop watching tv news and unfriendly many people (former friends and also relatives) just to survive with my blood pressure in control!


    • Thank you so much for your input. I can certainly understand your concern! I have done the same with unfriending. I have absolutely nothing in common with them! If they voted for “him”…..my core values aren’t even close to theirs. Like I said to many of them…. why would you even want to bother with ME! During such a dangerous time in our country, my integrity means way more to me than any so-called friendship. And that’s how I truly feel.


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