Let’s Talk Wine ~


Are you familiar with this little gadget? It’s my new foil cutter to open capped bottles of wine. And its a life saver!

I’ve always enjoyed wine…..especially when I’m in France or Italy. I love a frosty glass of pinot grigio on a warm afternoon or a robust cabernet or pinot noir on a chilly evening. And champagne or prosecco? I enjoy any time! 

Years ago, when I was a young adult, the cheap wine (which I avoided after a few not pleasant morning afters) came with a cap. But a decent bottle of wine always had a cork. So I got myself a very good cork screw and over the years I became a master at opening a wine bottle with no difficulty. Now…..and I don’t have an answer as to why……..many of the upper priced, decent, wines come with a cap. I thought, “No problem.” How difficult can it be to simply unscrew a cap? Trust me! I’ve managed to rip my hand to shreds a few times. It’s not a matter of simply twisting off said cap. There is a metal foil around the cap and neck of the bottle. 

I recalled seeing a waiter in a restaurant using a little gadget for just such a bottle and went in search of finding that nifty little tool. It wasn’t easy. Neither of my local wine shops carried one! I know…..I was surprised too. Eventually, I found one in the wine section of Publix. And it fell apart on me after one use. So much for that. 

So last week I went to my favorite shopping spot, where I should have gone first…..Amazon. Lo and behold, there it was! This little gem to save my hand and open my anticipated bottle of wine. The reviews on this item were excellent. 

And so…..that afternoon when I had received the foil cutter, I excitedly went to open my bottle of wine……..only to find this bottle had a cork!

So stay tuned…..my review will follow. Eventually.

See you here next time………….


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