A Day of Love ~


Happy Valentine’s Day! A day of love and maybe also some chocolate, champagne, terms of endearment and cards.  The above photos aren’t a Valentine card but rather a postcard given to my Aunt Marie from her then fiancee, Jim–who went by the nickname of Barney. As you can see, it was dated November 1944 and he wrote it during WWII, while he was in Paris, France. My aunt told me he had included it with a letter he sent her.  This card has always been so special to me and I now have it framed and keep it in my home, because both my aunt and uncle have passed away. When he wrote it, there would still be six more months before the war ended. My uncle returned home to Salem, Massachusetts and they were married in May of 1946. They had no children but had a marriage that spanned 57 years. And this card sent with love has now endured 73 years! That’s a lot of love!

Love comes in many different forms. Respect, compassion, giving, joy, sadness and so many other emotions are all components of love. 

So on this day set aside to celebrate love, I wish you a day filled with whatever might be the meaning of love for you. And when this day ends…….let’s all keep a bit of that love in our hearts.

See you here next time………… 

8 thoughts on “A Day of Love ~

  1. Extended my Valentine’s Day celebration to read about the conditions and challenges of migrant children in the EU. Only thing I can do for now is to carry compassion and knowledge of their situation in my heart.


  2. I loved reading this blog post and can identify with what you wrote. We are just about the same age as I turned 70 on February 17th. I was dreading the day but a surprise luncheon with 14 of my dearest friends made it so much easier and was delightful despite the snowy, icy day here in Connecticut. I will miss your books but look forward to reading your blogs.


    • HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to you! Gosh, we’re only about a month apart! Friends are delightful and it sounds like they made your day extra special! Thank you so much for joining me here. Actually, I’m finding this is a more personal way to get to know my readers. Without deadlines for me, I have the time to connect here and reply back to comments. Have a great day and stay warm up there!


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