According to Websters the definition of discombulate is: To throw into confusion; upset.

I’ve always loved this word. As a child, I thought it was a humorous word and when I heard it, it made me giggle. As an adult…..I’m not giggling because since November 8, I’ve been experiencing the meaning of the word.

Following the election, like so many others, I felt as if my life as I had known it had been turned upside down. Topsy turvy. A definite sense of turmoil. I experienced a range of emotions, took a lot of deep breaths and finally came to understand that action was what I needed.  But I found it difficult to focus on anything.

I’m a huge knitter. I knit every single day. But although I wanted to knit, nothing appealed to me. I had a few projects in the works but they didn’t entice me. Finally, I heard about the Pussy Power hats and the pattern was circulating around Facebook and the Internet. It’s a mindless knitting project, works up fast and is for a good cause. Knitters everywhere were making them for the Women’s March in DC on January 21. It was just what I needed and I’ve now made 6 of them. But the best part is it got me over the hump…..it allowed me to focus again on other projects I’d been working on. And I’m still making the hats because they’re still being worn during various protests and marches. 

And reading…….I’m also an avid reader. But I couldn’t seem to focus on anything that caught my attention. Or maybe I was too busy reading the New York Times or Washington Post and other valid forms of news. I did attempt a couple of fiction novels…..Maybe it was me and my state of mind, but I found them trite. So I switched to some non-fiction……I found some of these more dark than informative. Then I tried history…..again, I couldn’t focus and it didn’t hold my interest.

And during all of this, I joined the national group, Indivisible. They eventually put me in touch with two local groups. We’ve marched, we’ve protested, we’ve sent emails and made a volume of phone calls to our Senators and Reps. I also joined the ACLU and Planned Parenthood and a group for immigration rights.

And you know what? Slowly, little by little, I’m feeling less discombobulated. I chose not to wallow in my grief, my fear, my sadness. But rather, I chose to get OUT there. To attempt to make a difference. And I’ve always maintained that getting out of ourself is what truly brings about change.

And so…..I’m now back to working on a sweater for myself, in addition to a beautiful shawl. I’m reading a pleasant and enjoyable novel…….Paris Time Capsule. I was hoping the locale would entice me. And it did.

So if you’ve felt upside down these past few months, what have been your coping mechanisms? How do you move on from the negative to the positive? I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

See you here next time……



6 thoughts on “Discombomulated~

  1. Well, like you I love to knit and I love to read…and right after the election I felt pretty much the same way as you did. No interest and so, so sad. I kept saying how could this happen. What went wrong. As the days and weeks moved on though I knew I could not let “him” take away my joy for life. So I decided not to rent him space in my head. I knew I would continue to have problems with this but I also knew it was time to get back to the things and people I love. Fortunately when you have to little boys that don’t care who is president yet, they just want to have fun, that helped a lot. I also stopped watching the television for most of the day. I would look at the news in the morning and again later at night but if his face came on, I shut it off. These days, I still keep track of him but not for very long and I honestly believe in my heart, that he won’t make it four years. So, life goes on and now, I’m going to make myself a nice cup of tea and get working on my second Pussy hat. Can you believe my first one made it all the way to Germany…and while working, I’m going to watch Ellen. She always makes me laugh…
    Have a great week Terri…I’ll be with the boys as it’s school vacation week here…Cheers…

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  2. Like you, I have been trying to cope in the disastrous November 8, 2016 events! And, like you, I realized I must disconnect from a constant dose of daily “bad”/depressing news. We have not had TV in our house for over 15 years, so no danger of that…however, I found myself constantly on my phone getting news updates, etc. And, right at that time, my therapist (my favorite therapist ever, by the way) died. A double whammy! 😦 I m slowly but surely regaining strength and optimism, but it has been a struggle for me as well. I must continue working full-time so I do not have time to do much else, since I am now 60 and my energy level seems to be drained by work! And, my birthday is on March 31st, so very close to yours! I am a bit jealous, but also very glad that you and others can make the time to participate in protests, etc. It makes me feel even better! Thank you for doing that when others of us cannot.


    • Oh, my goodness! How sad. That was a double whammy! Yes, I find more and more that I must limit my news/political intake. That’s when I resort to reading, knitting, socializing with friends, etc. I take deep breaths, enjoy the moments……and then I think about making more phone calls to Reps and Senators, protesting, etc. MY pleasure doing this for so many of you who cannot, for various reasons!


  3. Discombobulated…a word that my mother used often when I was growing up in the late forties and fifties. I used to wonder what it meant and thought that it was a strange word. I started using it after the election and use it very often during this fiasco. I didn’t think that anybody else knew about the word. I know that you are from Massachusetts and I am from Connecticut so maybe it was a New England thing. I try to stay away from the news reports as much as I can and spend time doing genealogy, reading, teaching water aerobics and working with our local theatre group.


    • I’m smiling….but you’re right. I don’t hear that word very often either. So maybe it was a New England thing!
      And it sounds to me like you’re enjoying the moments, doing very fun things. So good for you! I have to admit…..I have to pace myself with the politics. Balance is the name of the game.


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