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Audio books have been around for a while. All six of my Cedar Key series are also in audio books. (And no, I’ve never listened to any of them) I’ve always felt neutral about audio books. I’ve listened to a few over the years and have always enjoyed them but somehow I always found myself drawn back to the written word. 

I listened to a few of the mysteries by Louise Penny and must say, I loved them! I loved the French accent of the reader and I could easily visualize myself hovering just over the shoulder of the character. And like many of my knitter friends, I loved the fact that I could knit AND “read” a book at the same time. I was always surprised how many of my readers contacted me to share this information. To tell me how much they loved that they could combine both their knitting and reading one of my novels with an audio book. But my print reading still outnumbered audio books for me.  Until recently……

When I did read the few audio books in the past, it always brought me back to Paris. Back to fun times, and good feelings, and a sense of well-being. When Ray worked at Charles de Gaulle and we rented a Paris apartment many times over many years, I lived like a Parisian. I was out and about early in the morning to do my errands. Visiting the market for produce, or the fromage shop for cheese or the wine shop for le vin. Or I might have planned to visit a particular museum to catch an exhibit or maybe just stroll the streets of the Left Bank, bringing forth thoughts and visions of Hemingway and F. Scott and so many others who loved Paris as much as I did. But most afternoons I’d return to the apartment, pour myself a glass of wine, take out the piece of cross stitch I was working on at the time (I hadn’t returned to my love for knitting at that time) and I’d turn on BBC on the radio. Because every afternoon they had somebody reading a classic. And I could listen and put myself right into the novel. I likened it to attending a play. The reader had a wonderful speaking voice, putting emphasis in just the right places, and actually changing the tone and style of various characters. And to this day, I still have warm memories of this time in my life.

Although I do knit in the afternoon if I’m home, I normally have MSNBC on the TV to catch the latest update and to stay informed. And I’ve come to realize that I’m putting myself into overload. I recognized that I must maintain a sense of balance in order to avoid being overwhelmed. So sometimes I take this time to catch up on my recorded TV shows or watch Netflix. But last week I thought about audio books. And I decided to give it a try. I’m hooked! I truly love it. I can relax, knit and be taken into a wonderful story where my mind can wander and picture the scenes taking place. Plus, it reminds me of those meaningful moments spent in Paris on so many afternoons.

My first choice to listen to is the novel, I’ve Always Loved You by Robin Oliveira. It’s the story of the artists, Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas. And yes, the setting is Paris. And I am falling hopelessly in love with this audio book! The story is wonderful, the scenes are vivid and the reader’s French accented voice is divine. 

I think I’ll be listening to many more audio books in the days to come. How about you? Do you enjoy this mode of “reading” a book?

See you here next time………..

7 thoughts on “Audio Books ~

  1. Sounds like you are really enjoying your audio books. I did try way back but I’m a die hard, bound book reader. I don’t even read on my kindle unless it’s a photography book, although I do have a few novels on there. I love the feel of my books. I need to see the words and I’m always writing notes in the sidelines and underlining special passages or quotes. I can’t say I wouldn’t try it again in the future but for now, I can’t wait until the end of the day to crawl into my bed with a book with a gtrat cover and real pages.


    • I was a real die hard with print books but….once I got hooked on Kindle, I much prefer this now. Very seldom read a print book. I love that I can bump up the size of the font, and also when I travel its so much easier to just have my iPad in my knitting bag. So my choice is now ebooks. But I am loving the audio books while I knit. It’s so relaxing.


  2. I discovered audio books many years ago when my mother’s eyesight was failing from macular degeneration. Having lost my father to cancer, she filled her alone time reading books – lots of books. I would send her boxes of used paperbacks from my favorite authors. I was the daughter who always had a book in her hand. We finally had something in common. We switched to large type books as her eyesight failed and then a librarian told me about a service where she could get an audio book player for free and they would send her audio books to read. My mother read her books that way for the last years of her life.

    I started listening to audio books when I would be driving to pick my daughter up at college or on my way back from dropping her off there. I love driving to visit her now, wherever she is currently living, and thanks to modern technology I can get audio books on my iPhone and play them on the car stereo on trips.

    I still preferred reading the words in a real book. During an unexpected stay in the hospital I was lamenting my lack of books to read and my daughter talked me through getting Kindle on my iPhone and getting books from Amazon. I have learned to borrow library books through Overdrive and get free books through Book Bub and other sites like it. And I find I love reading on my iPhone almost as much as I love a real book in my hands. It definitely is more portable and readily available.

    Reading is definitely one of my favorite things to do. And although I will miss your books now that you are not writing them at the moment, I can always enjoy reading them again. I also enjoy your blog and look forward to connecting with you!


    • That’s probably one of the biggest benefits for audio books! People with diminished eye sight are still able to enjoy a good novel. And I love that!
      It sounds that like me, over time, you too became a convert to the Kindle and audio books. I also love Overdrive.
      Like you, I’m such an avid reader. Thank you for your kind words on my books and for your support. I’m so glad you’ve joined me here! Welcome!


  3. I enjoy audio books but due to the fact that I am not an auditory learner, I find I forget so much, especially compared to reading the written word! Interesting that you mention I’ve Always Loved You. I was able to meet and speak with Robin Oliveira two years ago, now own an personally inscribed copy, and have yet to read it! Must get to that!


    • Wow, that’s quite a coincidence. I had never heard of this author until I found her book. Which I’m definitely enjoying. But I wanted to finish a print novel, so this one got put aside for a little while.


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