Migraine vs Cost

I remember when I was a child my mother had terrible migraine headaches. They required her to rest in bed and lose a day or more out of her busy schedule. I was fortunate and have never had one. However, my daughter has had them since she was a teen. Research does show that they can be inherited. My daughter has been treated by a neurologist and does take meds. But this doesn’t result in being pain-free or completely eliminate the migraines.

So I was quite interested the other evening when the nightly news did a segment on a new med being tested. It sounded very good! It seemed this might actually prevent a migraine from occurring! Wonderful news! Except……..the price will be about $10,000 per year for the med! TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS! This is shameful.

And what really irritates me is why bother to even put this news out there? Can the regular, working person (trying to make ends meet as it is) truly afford something like this? Of course not! So why entice the general public? They did the same thing with a cancer med. Sure, President Jimmy Carter took it. And he seems to now be fine. But again, the price was astronomical! 

As a retired RN, trust me, I witnessed my patients trying to make a decision whether to buy food or purchase their very pricey, but much-needed meds. And I think it’s sinful! 

Pharmaceutical companies are making unreasonable amounts of money, while the general public either goes without to purchase their meds or goes bankrupt trying to pay for them. 

Health care and meds are a basic necessity of life. As vitally important as food and shelter. And yet……not everyone can afford them to increase their value of life. No, it’s not right. It’s just not right. Yet another reason why I’m a liberal Democrat. And with Price as our Sec. of Health………be prepared!

See you here next time………..

6 thoughts on “Migraine vs Cost

  1. Just read a report a day or two ago about longevity statistics for developed countries and, no surprise, the US is not at the top and all of the countries ahead of us have universal health care. And the stats on baby mortality show the same. I have always been in favor of a universal system as I basically grew up that way, being an Air Force brat who received care at the bases from the service physicians. I worked in medicine for several years, including in a hospital and in a doctor’s private office, so have been on both sides of health care (consumer and provider). I just do not understand people who think our fee-for-service system that incentivizes unnecessary tests and subsidizes research that provides new drugs, but then allows the big-pharma companies to charge us through the nose to recover costs the taxpayers paid, is the best system around. And I remember all those ads when the ACA was being debated that said that the government would be deciding how health care is delivered instead of doctors, and saying to anyone who would listen that doctors aren’t making all the decisions now. It’s largely the health insurance industry and the large companies who own more and more of our health care providers. And it’s not regular staff making big salaries that’s driving up costs, since medical office workers and hospital staff don’t make that much (and we were one of the groups whose wages were frozen by President Nixon way back when). While I know it’s not perfect, I honestly believe we need to expand Medicare to be a universal system for everybody.

    One more rant (I’m sorry but I’m very passionate about this topic). It’s incredibly hypocritical of the Republicans to disparage the ACA so much when it was based on a system first put forth in the Reagan administration by the Republicans and the Massachusetts system put in place by Republican Mitt Romney. Most of them seem to be against it because they didn’t want a Democrat to get any credit for it. What has happened to political civility and cooperation for the good of the people, instead of the political party? And the people now who want to get rid of Obamacare but keep the ACA because they don’t know they’re the same thing just flabbergast and exasperate me. Again, the willful ignorance is appalling.


    • I SO agree on Universal health care! WHY shouldn’t every single citizen get what is a basic necessity. It has never made sense to me, especially when SO many other countries provide this for their citizens!


  2. Universal health care is a right, in my humble opinion! The US should be the leader in this movement…not lagging behind. We have the white males who have been in power forever and ever to thank for lack of health care for all.


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