Indivisible ~ Rocking It

My local Indivisible groups had a march this past Saturday in Daytona Beach, Florida. This particular one was to support health care. To keep the ACA, to protect Medicare, etc. We had a great turn out of around 200.  Young. Old. Even some doggies, which was great!

My sign message is one of my greatest concerns……..the possible privatizing of Medicare. I’ve worked my entire life and contributed to this system. I do not want it privatized. I feel it works quite well the way it is. So I’m protesting Paul Ryan and any others who seem to think getting rid of Medicare is a good thing. It won’t be! 

To me, this is simply another example of those who have more, or who are quite comfortable with their own coverage (ie: Congress) and feel compelled to save money at OUR expense! THEY might have the best health coverage in the world……….but the rest of us? No! We do not! And to tamper with it is not a step in the right direction. Are you aware that there is an ambulance sitting outside of the Capitol…..24/7…..just in CASE one of them, when in session, might require the need of medical assistance. They don’t even have to call 911 and wait for arrival. Their medical emergency equipment is already there! And yet……….they want to privatize our Medicare? I think not!

And so….the fight goes on. And I am SO proud to be a member of the Indivisible group. Because we really rock!

See you here next time…………

6 thoughts on “Indivisible ~ Rocking It

  1. It’s nice that you have several groups to march with…Not much marching happening here right now. It’s been rather quiet, which I really like…It’s hard to get away from it completely though because it is everywhere…during the day I don’t turn the tv on…but I am still knitting my Pussy Caps…I have a waiting list..
    Have a great week Terri.


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