Free Speech ~


Saturday evening I attended a candlelight vigil for free speech with my friend, Sherry. This was organized by our local Indivisible groups. It was peaceful, silent and we had about 250 attending. We all dressed in black, placed masking tape over our mouths and carried candles.

Free speech is the very core of our democracy. The First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech, freedom of press and freedom of assembly.  I value these freedoms. But I’ll also admit, over my lifetime I’ve pretty much taken them for granted. This IS America, after all! I mean, really, how could we possibly lose these freedoms? Hopefully, we never will. But yes, as I’m about to turn age 70, I understand more and more to never take anything for granted! Because NOTHING is free. 

All of our freedoms have come at a cost. The loss of lives of our military.  The loss of lives during protests for voting rights. And the loss of lives of journalists.

So for those of us who have these freedoms, we must pay attention. We must be aware. And we absolutely must speak up and speak out whenever we can, in whichever way we can.  Because it IS our right.

See you here next time……

3 thoughts on “Free Speech ~

  1. Always hesitated to participate in a march because I was afraid of raising anger (chldhood trauma, not a political statement). So, in your experience where you are brave to do this, did people make eye contact with you or say anything to you as you protested? Of course, if things keep “going south” (no offense, Florida!), I will have to overlook my fear and get out there!


    • I won’t lie……the trumpsters yell, scream, give us the finger, etc. Is it risky for us to do this? Yes, of course it is. However……if not NOW, WHEN? So many before me risked their safety to accomplish what we have now. And I strongly feel it’s now MY turn to follow through.


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