Busy ~

Whew! Yes, I’ve had a very busy week! After the candlelight vigil last Saturday, my week was consumed with one event after another.  Tuesday was International Women’s Day. Various groups, etc. around the world chose different ways to celebrate/protest. A large group of us locally got together on Tuesday at Sweet Marlay’s Coffee Shop in Daytona Beach. It’s a woman owned business, so we were supporting her and doing some activist work at the same time.  A few women spoke and then all of us did postcards to our Rep and Senators to vote NO on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. After we got those done, all of us marched down the street to the Post Office to get them mailed. Oh, and OF course, we ALL wore red!



We have nine, yes nine, Indivisible groups in my area. One of which, Ormond Beach Action Group, met this past Thursday. We discussed policy issues, upcoming events, etc. and we always make a donation to Planned Parenthood. 


And….just in case I wasn’t busy enough, I have co-founded a healthcare group with another activist. A fellow I met at a previous event. We are both on the same page as to what we want to accomplish. We’ve formed our group with the Indivisible guidelines, but our focus is on health care. ACA, Medicare, Medicaid, mental health and prescription drug prices. We have accomplished a LOT just since Thursday! We have a page set up on Facebook for our group……6th District Healthcare Action Group. Our first meeting is scheduled for March 30 and we have lots of plans in the works for upcoming events, etc. So I’m pleased with what we’re accomplishing.

And then yesterday I attended my first town hall meeting with our Rep, Ron DeSantis.  Perhaps you’ve seen him on CNN? Yeah, he’s the ONE who told Erin Burnette that if people don’t have healthcare, well, “they can just go to the ER.” Ahhh, no, they CANNOT! How could a cancer patient go there for chemo or radiation or any treatment? Obviously, he’s a Republican, and after the fiasco I attended yesterday, I left with my biggest goal being we MUST unseat him in 2018!


It was my first town hall and will probably be my last. I didn’t feel unsafe, although I DID stay aware. But there were cops, a lot, both outside and inside and there was even a rescue unit outside. However, it was not monitored as far as questions. My groups came with some excellent questions. There were no mics for those asking questions. So it resulted in a lot of booing if the trumpsters didn’t like the topic of what was being asked, with a lot of yelling and screaming.  As I said, it was a fiasco. And as far as DeSantis answering said questions…..he skirted the issues, avoided an acceptable answer, etc. When a woman asked if he thought a special prosecutor should be appointed in relation to Russia, etc. the trumpster crowd loudly booed, followed by DeSantis giving a VERY emphatic NO! THAT was when I walked out. I have no tolerance for such a waste of time. I will take my time and energy and put them toward other worthy endeavors……protests, marching, phone calls to Rep and Senators, etc.

So that was my week……..and today and tomorrow are my chill out days. Staying balanced is everything!

See you here next time…………….

4 thoughts on “Busy ~

  1. Terri,
    Thank for all your work on these matters. We will be run over if we do not speak up with very loud voices.
    Barbara Boyd


  2. Don’t know how far Miami is from you, but did you hear about the rally for a new effort by ACLU called People Power? Grassroots, training curriculum.


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