Healthcare for Women ~


We couldn’t have asked for a nicer day to protest! Sunny and 77 degrees with an ocean breeze. (Seems I heard snow in New England!)

A few of my local Indivisible groups got together this morning to do a protest for women’s healthcare. We had a great turnout!

And we got a huge amount of drivers going by tooting their horns in support, cheering us, waving and giving us a thumbs up. This adds to our enthusiasm.  But of course we also had some angry drivers going by. No doubt trump supporters. Okay. I get it. Not everyone agrees that EVERYONE and especially women are entitled to health care. (And NO, I really do NOT get it!) However, when I saw women, WOMEN, females, driving by, rolling down their windows, angry expressions and giving us TWO thumbs down? I admit it…………I’m mystified! HOW can they not support healthcare for women? 

DO they honestly think women’s healthcare ONLY involves abortion? How about cancer, diabetes, MS and all the other costly diseases that affect women? Do these NOT count? Not to mention PAP smears, mammograms, etc.  I’ll never understand this mindset. I just won’t!

And we had a very angry man in a pickup slow down, roll his window down and scream “baby killers.” Despite the fact that Planned Parenthood gets NO, NO federal funding for abortion. Planned Parenthood represents so many other necessary services for women. But…..I suppose if people think they were just fine with Paul Ryan’s attempt again to wipe out “Obamacare” because THEY had the Affordable Care Act, then its obvious and easy to understand their lack of knowledge and their refusal to make any attempt to understand.

But despite the negative, we continue to march. To protest. To speak out and speak up. For women. For men. For children. For SO many who need healthcare and depend not only on easy access, BUT more importantly they depend on affordable healthcare! 

And until that happens……….I’ll continue these vitally important protests.

See you here next time…………………….

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