Continuing the Celebration of 70 ~


My BFF, Alice, turned 70 this past October and as you know, my milestone birthday was two weeks ago. So last April we decided to take a trip together….girlfriend time…to celebrate this special birthday.  We wanted to go to Europe.  So we tossed around various places and ideas…..Paris (OF course! Our favorite place!) Prague, Germany, Italy, etc.  And we finally decided on Florence, Italy. Although I’d been to Milan, Venice and Tuscany, I had never spent time in Florence to visit the museums, etc. Birthplace of the Renaissance. Sounded perfect! We sent a deposit to rent a lovely penthouse two bedroom, two bath apartment for early May, right in Florence and an easy walk everywhere. Sounded great, right? HOWever….there was one caveat on my part. IF trump won the election, I wanted to cancel. So Alice agreed we’d wait until November 9 to actually book the flight.

And…..the rest is history because we all know what happened on that morning of November 9! And my reasoning for wanting to cancel? I strongly felt that if trump was in that White House, I absolutely did NOT feel safe flying an International flight. Nor, did I want to be IN a foreign country with him in that White House. Call me silly. Call me foolish. But no, it had nothing to do with “sour grapes” and everything to do with my own sense of safety and security. As many of you know, I’ve traveled around the world and never felt unsafe being in a foreign country due to who our President was. But yes, I do now.

And so……..After I got over my anger, my profound sadness, my grieving and uncertainty for the future of our country, I picked up the phone, called Alice and said, “Girlfriend, lets regroup and plan a trip domestic.” Which is exactly what we did. Again, we tossed around various places in this country……..and we decided on the Berkshires in the western part of Massachusetts. The village of Lenox, to be precise.  I had visited this area at age 14 with my parents and I never forgot it! To me, it was the quintessential New England villages and towns. White steeples on churches, historic old homes, beautiful countryside and picturesque little towns. Alice agreed…………lets explore it together at age 70!


And so we’ve booked the Cornell Inn in Lenox. A historic inn in the downtown area where we can walk to restaurants, coffee shops, a delightful yarn shop (Colorful Stitches) AND a short drive to visit the Norman Rockwell Museum and yes, WEBS. (If you’re a knitter, you’ve probably purchased yarn from them online) They’re located in Northhampton and we’re really looking forward to actually visiting their large shop in person. We’re looking forward to chilling out, lots of laughing, good food, great wine and most of all……..making special memories together.

I’m booked to fly to Boston on Monday, May 8, arriving at 3 pm.  Alice will pick me up at Logan and we’ll drive 3 hours west to Lenox.  We’re booked for four nights at the Inn and I fly back to Florida on Friday. We booked the Truman Suite in the Carriage House. The Harry and Bess rooms, which are connecting and look beautiful.

All of the original planning began about a year ago……….and now I leave 5 weeks from today.  We jokingly refer to each other as Lucy and Ethel…….and yes, I’m Lucy, because “Ethel” always keeps me straight.  And who knows…..we could end up in a chocolate factory. Or maybe even a winery stomping grapes.  But no matter what we do…..I know we’ll build a lot of memories. 

I’ll be sharing updates of our trip on my personal page on Facebook. And I’ll share photos and commentary here after I return.

See you here next time………….


13 thoughts on “Continuing the Celebration of 70 ~

  1. You will love it there. My son used to work at Kripalu so I’m spent a lot of time in that area. We love Lenox and usually stay at the Appletree Inn which is so lovely and old also. The yarn shop us one of my favorites with lovely people and yarns . We always take a ride to Great Barrington when we are there. It was named the prettiest city in New England and I couldn’t agree more.
    I know you will have a good time and it’s always so much fun to spend time with a best friend. Who knows, perhaps spring will arrive by then.


    • Yes, its a beautiful area. And yes, I’ve been in touch with Bonnie, owner of the yarn shop. So Alice and I are looking forward to visiting there. We’ll keep Great Barrington in mind. Yeah, fingers crossed it will warm up a little there in the next five weeks!


  2. Hi Terri,
    I think that you made a wise decision – not to fly to Italy at this time and to visit Lenox and the Berkshire which are only about 45 minutes from where I live in Connecticut. The Norman Rockwell Museum is one of my favorite places to visit. Early May should be just perfect. I, too, have a best friend who turned 70 in December as I did this February. We, along with another friend, are going to spend Raptor Rapture week on Hog Island at the Audubon camp in July and, among other things, help to band the baby Ospreys. Enjoy!! Perhaps you will be inspired to write a book about the Berkshires!

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  3. As amazing as Florence is, it can wait for just the right time. You’ve got the perfect season and reason for an All-American vacation. Travelling right now is like volunteering to be aggravated. (I feel bad for the Green Card holders who were aggravated recently. A Green Card is a CONTRACT between the holder and the US government. It is downright scary to realize that Trump — being a businessman — can’t honor a contract.)


    • Yes, I agree. Timing is everything and now is just not the time, for ME, to travel internationally. I agree on the Green Card holders also. trump is such a phony, I’m not surprised about his standing on this….at the moment. He changes with the wind.


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