Tax March~


Like so many across the country, my friend Sherry and I joined our local Indivisible group this past Saturday to march and protest for Trump to show his tax returns.  We had an excellent turn out and the weather was perfect.

Did it work? Well, he still hasn’t shown his tax returns. And based on what they probably contain, he probably won’t.  However, I’d say we touched a nerve. He tweeted an accusation that the protesters were paid. Yeah, right. Well, I’m not waiting for that check to arrive any time soon.

Is it worth it to protest and march? I’d say, yes, it is. For me.  It makes me feel like I’m DOING something.  I’m making my voice heard and as a citizen of this country and a voter, that is my right. We had a victory with the repeal of health care based on contacting our Reps and Senators. So I’ve always felt its small steps forward. But none of it is futile. 

So whatever I protest, yes, I do it for me. But I also do it for those who can’t. For those who feel as I do but for whatever reasons, they can’t physically join us. 

I will continue to call and fax my Rep and Senator, I will continue to march and protest, I will continue to stand up and speak out.

Because we never know………maybe it WILL have an impact.

See you here next time…………….

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