Bee Gees ~

This past Sunday evening I was scrolling through TV channels and saw that a tribute to the Bee Gees was airing on CBS.  It was called “Staying Alive” and I didn’t know it was going to be on.  Since I was a huge Bee Gees fan in the early 70’s, I decided to watch. And I’m so glad I did!  Their music instantly transported me back to another time, another place.

In 1972 I was age 25, I was divorced, had 3 young children and I was enrolled in my first semester of college. I had been a high school drop out in my senior year of high school to get married. But with 3 kids to raise on my own, I knew education was the key. So I obtained my GED and got accepted into college.

It was a time when women were really coming into their own. Becoming independent and coming to realize that depending on a man had been a myth.  We were becoming empowered to grow and form our own life. We were encouraged to take risks, speak up, develop confidence and eventually become the person we were meant to be.

It was a time of passion with politics and current events. The war in Vietnam was finally coming to an end, women were attempting to make strides with equality, social mores were changing and it was an exhilarating time to be a twenty-five year old.  Much of the music of the day resonated with the changes taking place.

I loved the early songs of the Bee Gees.  How could I not love Massachusetts! A song with my native state as the title! And having just gone through a divorce, How Do You Mend a Broken Heart certainly resonated with me. And To Love Somebody gave me hope for the future. Words was another ballad that touched my soul.  Jive Talkin’ perked me up and made me feel good. 

I heard these tunes on the car radio as I drove to college for my classes. I heard them in the evening after I put my kids to bed. I’d settle down at the kitchen table, turn on the radio on top of the fridge and dig in for a few hours of study. It was the Bee Gees who helped me through all of it.

Watching their special Sunday evening made me think about the circle of life. I was sad that Barry Gibb is the only remaining brother. The other three were gone too soon. But that is the circle of life. We have the ups, the downs, the joys and the sorrows. And the music from one era can instantly bring it all back in a flash. Both the good and the bad.

It restores the memories. It makes us realize that time does indeed march on. At a very fast clip. But I feel fortunate. I feel its been an incredible journey! It brought me to where I am right now and I’m happy.  But every now and again……..its nice to step back and realize where I came from. So thanks Bee Gees for recently allowing me to do that!

See you here next time………………

9 thoughts on “Bee Gees ~

  1. This made me cry. It also showed me why I felt a friendship with you from the first book I read. You say what is on my mind and in my heart and what I don’t have the courage to act on. Thank you Terri for being there for me and countless others.


  2. Me too. I was lucky enough to see them at a concert/gig in London and it was one of their last ones with all of them. What a night. Everyone stomping, dancing, singing and clapping. I’ll never forget it.


  3. All those songs you mentioned, I to loved them all and lived my life by them..I think I’ll go to my I-Tunes tonight and check out how many of them I have and make a play list for when I go walking tomorrow…they were good times and bad times…but music did always lift my spirits when times were tough…I got a big kick out of your radio being on top of the fridge…that’s also where ours was…funny. Your right though, we made it through and looking back those times don’t seem as tough as some of these days moving forward…but at least we can turn off the news and turn on the old tunes…
    Thanks Terri for that little walk down memory lane…


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