2 Weeks . . . And Counting ~


After a year of planning, Alice and I leave two weeks from tomorrow for our birthday/best friend trip together! When I think back to last April when I came up with this idea and Alice and I began discussing it, I’m convinced even more just how quickly time seems to pass. All the more reason to truly enjoy these precious moments!

And so this got me thinking……I’ve been doing a lot of this since turning the magical age of 70. Thinking about what sustains a friendship. What is it that allows two women to meet at some point in their life and quite simply…..connect. I think it’s a combination of things. 

One thing that Alice and I share is a sense of place.  We were both raised in Salem, Massachusetts. We met in high school so we have a sense of teen age history together. We like a lot of the same things. But we’re also different on many of our likes.

I love seafood! (But only seafood from the cold Atlantic!) Alice never eats any seafood, no matter WHERE it’s from. We both enjoy wine. But I like a dry wine. A Cabernet or Pinot Grigio. Alice prefers a Riesling. However, we both love champagne! And we do both enjoy our coffee the same way…..no sugar or sweetener, just some half and half.  We both love Paris and claim the City of Light as our favorite in the world. We are both avid knitters. (Although she IS the expert knitter and my go-to guru when I have a problem) We both enjoy reading. A lot. However, although we do enjoy a lot of the same novels, we also differ on a fair amount. 

Something else that sustains a friendship is just being there.  Alice has been there for me when I lost my mom, my dad, my aunt and during the sad and difficult period when I lost my son. She was there when many of my cats and dogs passed over to the Rainbow Bridge. She was always a phone call, an email or a text away. Always. 

And she was there to have fun with, to visit with, to travel with. She was the first phone call when I FINALLY got a book contract with a NY publisher. She was the one I chose and wanted there when I began to travel for book events, conferences, and signings.  We traveled to Dallas for my first Romance Writers Conference when I attended that career-changing session with Kensington.  And when we traveled to Cleveland for a writers conference. And again when I had been invited to the Spokane area for a week of book events.  And it was Alice I wanted to be with me in Atlanta for the Stitches knitting convention. 

And every single one of these travels forged wonderful memories. Alice is a joy to travel with. (Not everyone is!)  She’s easy.  Comfortable.  We laugh.  A lot. We sip wine and catch up.  We laugh some more.  We explore new areas, new things, and we form more memories.

And from the moment she picks me up at Logan Airport two weeks from tomorrow and we drive to Lenox, Mass. in the Berkshires……that’s exactly what we’ll be doing.  Again.  Enjoying the moments together.  Building more memories on this journey we call life.

See you here next time…………

12 thoughts on “2 Weeks . . . And Counting ~

  1. Well said my friend……seafood phew lol….bring on the wine! It will be chilling in the cooler….can’t wait it always seems we can just sit with our knitting chat and laugh till we cry…..count down is on…..yah L&H

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  2. I recognize that sign! Only about 45 minutes from where I live, the Lenox/Stockbridge area is my favorite place to visit. Love that you and Alice are such good friends. I have a best friend like that and, although we don’t always agree on everything, we have fun together. I can’t wait to hear all about your adventure.


  3. You two will have the best time and I’m so happy your going to get to be together at this (not exciting age), well that’s just my thought…although things have been good for me this year so far…anyways anyone who reads, knits and likes wine is my kind of person to…although my strongest friendships are two that neither of them knit but both read and both of them like wine and yes, we laugh also…so I do know what your speak of…and a sense of place and longevity certainly help…as I write this I am looking for a mini vacation for me and my maid of honor for a week in June…
    If we make it this far, your right, we should enjoy every day as best we can now….especially with the people we love, that have been along for the ride and know our history..
    Cheers to both you and Alice…have a great time.


    • Gee, I’m sorry you don’t feel this is an exciting age. I’m loving it! I truly feel like I’ve come full circle and I like where I’ve arrived. Yes, I’m sure Alice and I will have a great trip with lots of memories. Have fun on your trip in June. Where are you going? Did you have someone from our class as your maid of honor?


  4. I have a friend like that, too, since 1949! What’s that? An Eastener who doesn’t like seafood? A person who can knit better than you? I get it — you’re writing in a new genre, fairytales! Have fun!


    • Yup! My husband was born and raised in that area and doesn’t like seafood either….what can I say! LOL And yup….trust me, Alice is not only an expert knitter but is the one who helps me figure out a pattern when I get confused. (which is a fair amount of time)


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