Binge Reading ~

I’ve been a reader since age 5.  I have always loved reading! Always.  And of course from age five until now, my reading tastes have varied.  I have loved many different authors, many different genres.  I enjoy a good mystery.  And also a fair amount of literary fiction. I have never liked sci-fi, horror or romance.  Since my late teens/early 20’s, women’s fiction became my favorite genre.  I approached adulthood reading Rona Jaffe, Barbara Taylor Bradford (A Woman of Substance STILL remains at the top of my favorite list!) Danielle Steele, Maeve Binchy, Belva Plain and many others.  My mother also read these authors and I’m sure I borrowed her books, but the reason I devoured them was because I could relate to them. I loved family sagas. (You seldom see those published today)  I loved reading about relationships, good times, bad times, friendships, family and always love.  Not a bodice ripping romance (And those were quite popular in the 60’s and 70’s, but I felt they had no substance, kinda like the reality shows on TV today) …..but a love story woven into the main plot. And……I have never lost my love for women’s fiction. So I guess when I decided to get serious about my own writing, it was the genre of women’s fiction that I chose.  

About 8 years ago, I discovered a novel by Elin Hilderbrand called Barefoot.  The setting was Nantucket Island in Massachusetts. That drew me in but when I read the synopsis, I knew this was my kind of book.  And it was.  I loved it! But the strange part is that instead of going in search of more books by this author, I never returned to her until about a month ago.  Many things might account for this. I did keep reading even when I was busy developing my own writing career, but I also tended to focus more on mysteries or literary fiction or non-fiction.  Purposely.  I didn’t want to be influenced by another writers style.  And as a result, over these 8 years Elin kept writing but I hadn’t read those novels.  I was browsing Amazon recently and saw The Rumor by her.  After reading the synopsis, I got the book.  And I was hooked. Big time! I loved it.  It reminded me of those novels I loved so much years ago.  A good plot.  A descriptive setting. But most important, great characters. Compelling characters. Characters I felt I knew and wanted to know better. And I have now gone on to read a few more.

I chose her debut novel, The Beach Club next. It was good. I liked it a lot for the same reasons. Although compared to her later ones, it was a bit weak in parts. However, there was a surprise ending and overall it was enjoyable.  Enjoyable enough to make me want to keep reading her.  Next I got The Love Season. However, I decided to get this one in audio version. This would allow me to knit and listen at the same time.  That was a mistake.  The story is great! But the narrator was beyond annoying.  She had a very exaggerated voice. Phony. And it truly distracted from the story. So I returned it (I’ve been borrowing them from the digital library) and I’ve now gotten the ebook version to finish it.

I just finished Beautiful Day and I have to say, so far this one is my all time favorite by her. The story takes place over one weekend with a wedding.  But with Hilderbrand’s skilled writing, the reader learns all the back story on the characters. It had an uplifting and satisfying ending and was everything I admire and enjoy in a novel.  I just got The Island, have only read the first chapter, but…..yes, I’m hooked already. 

So I’ve been doing some serious binge reading.  And I love getting lost in Hilderbrand’s stories.  I’m a member on Goodreads and about a month ago, I signed up to try and win an ARC. (Advanced Readers Copy)  This is a debut novel called The Resurrection of Joan Ashby by Cherise Wolas.  It will be released in September by MacMillan Publishers.  I was really excited to be chosen to read and review this book.  It’s over 500 pages.  I took a peek at the first chapter and oh, yes! I’m sure this will be a blockbuster novel! But I plan to finish the Hilderbrand ones I’m currently reading. And then……I can look forward to devouring this brand new novel.  I’ve thanked my mom a million times for passing on her love of reading to me.  And I still will never understand people who say they don’t read.  Such a sad loss……….

See you here next time…………


9 thoughts on “Binge Reading ~

  1. Like you Terri, I have been reading all my life it seems. I still have such fond memories of the Phillips school library…a brick structure under the school. It was an escape for me and I loved everything about it..the books, the smell and the escape from reality. I read everyday…Charles Dickens is my favorite author and I’ve read all his books and lots of books about him. I devour a good biography and I always learn so much from them. I also love historical fiction but don’t read it as much as I use to and I love a great novel. In between, I read text books on photography, meditation books and a host of others. Not a day goes by that I don’t read something..Funny thing, I’ve just started to really get into poetry and I’m liking that a lot yes, I cannot understand people who don’t read either. What must they do with their time…and can you imgine we have a President that doesn’t read. Oh my.

    So here’s to happy days, rainy days, sunny days of reading…right now I’m reading Boston Girl and it is terrific…that’s one that reminds me of a good family saga, just not so long..
    Have a beautiful day my friend…xo

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  2. You and I had similar childhoods, Terri. I, too, started reading at a young age and would walk from my home in a small Connecticut town to the library after school and spend several hours reading. Many years later after a career as a rural mail carrier I ended up working in a library. I discovered Elin Hilderbrand a few years ago and love her books, too. I think you would enjoy reading books by another of my favorite authors, Barbara Delinsky. She lives in the Boston area and most of her stories take place in New England.

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    • Oooh, lucky you! I’ve always wanted to work in a library or book shop. Of course…I’d probably be reading more than I’d be selling….lol I had tried Delinsky quite a few years ago and just didn’t click with her novels. I remember my mom used to read her, so I tried a few of the books when she finished, but never cared for her enough to continue.


  3. I have read EVERY book by Erin Hilderbrand. I wish she would write faster! That’s how I felt about your novels, all of which I have also read. When you started your blog I was sad that I could no longer look forward to your next book coming out! But I have to say that when your latest blog post arrives on my inbox it is the first thing I open and read. I feel that I am finding a new, like-minded friend who I wish I could meet for lunch! I will be turning 60 in June and find myself and my thoughts on life very different from many of my friends and coworkers. When I read your blog I know that I am not alone. Thank you for sharing your insights, thoughts and feelings with me. And make sure you read all of Erin’s books! Hope you have a wonderful vacation with your friend!

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    • That’s a very nice compliment. Thank you. Liking my books as much as Hildebrands. But your very kind words concerning my blog really made my day! Believe me, it was a difficult decision when I chose to stop writing professionally, but I knew in my soul it was the right decision for me, at this time in my life. So once I made the choice, I didn’t look back. But when I hear from former readers of my fiction how much they’re enjoying my blog….I feel all the more my decision was the right one! So I really appreciate you sharing this with me. And I look forward to continuing to share my reflections and thoughts via this venue. I will definitely read ALL of Hilderbrand’s books! I’m enjoying The Island so much.


  4. Terri, I don’t understand people who don’t enjoy reading either. I spent many a summer day, as a teen, in our library. I would have been awfully lonely without all those books. They take you places you can only dream about when your young. I probably read every Rona Jaffe book, and couldn’t wait for the next to come out. Elin’s books are great too. My favorite is between The Rumor, and The Affair. You have got to read The Affair. Also, her Christmas series is great, and gets you in the Christmas mood! I know Winter Stroll is one, but not sure if that’s the first one. You need to read those in order, as they are continuing characters. Congratulations on getting to read an advance copy of The Resurrection, and I look forward to reading your review of it. So glad you’ve got a blog!! I really enjoy it!


    • Ah, libraries. I have a post coming up on those for Sunday. I so agree on Jaffe. Her books were a wonderful escape. I especially loved The Best of Everything. Thanks for the tip on The Affair. I haven’t read that one yet, but it will be next on my list. I’m reading The Island and enjoying it a lot. Also thanks for the heads up on the Christmas ones……….I wasn’t sure if those would be good or not. All the better! Now more of her books to read….lol
      I’m very much looking forward to the advanced copy novel and will definitely post a review here when I finish.
      And thank you so much for visiting my blog! I’m glad you like it. In addition to the writing, I love the personal interaction and being able to converse back and forth. Have a great upcoming weekend.


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