The First 100 Days ~

Today marks the 100th day of trump’s Presidency. And the drama continues. I can’t help but feel what a waste of such an esteemed position in our country and the world. 

And how does he greet this momentous day? With fear and with astonishment at HOW hard the job is! 

He instilled fear throughout his campaign and in an interview with Reuters two days ago, he did it again. “A major, major conflict with North Korea is possible. Absolutely.” Sure, stir up that fear in the people. He can’t govern, but he IS a master at diversionary tactics. While his house of cards is collapsing around him with the investigation of Russian ties heating up, lets take the focus off this topic.

I believe nothing he says. Ever. EXcept…….I do believe he had NO clue HOW hard being President is. Because it was all about the winning for him! Only the winning! He doesn’t NOT win. Becoming President had nothing to do with governing our country, protecting the American people, and working to make it even better. It had everything to do with winning. Getting those accolades. Praise. Pats on the back.  That’s how his entire life has been. 

At the very least, he should have surrounded himself with the best and the brightest. Possibly then his governing might have had a chance. But instead he chose people who ALSO didn’t have one ounce of political experience. Billionaires. People he owed favors to. Family. Family who had never worked in public service, politics or anything to do with government. Well, we can see how well that’s turning out.

I had to smile when I heard him say he didn’t know the job would be this hard. His other life was much easier. Big surprise! He reminded me of many people I’ve met over the years at book events. Oh, THEY could write and be an author. That’s great. Except either they never pursued it or if they had made an attempt they quickly found out…….it’s hard! It’s damn hard. Coming up with a coherent plot, fleshing out realistic characters, pacing your story and bringing it all to a satisfactory ending. And most of these people can criticize, they can be downright mean and snarky toward other authors and their novels and the whole time they are convinced (sometimes secretly) that THEY could do better. And yet…………they never do.

But there’s a huge difference between an author and being President of the United States. However, if the ego is strong enough, one doesn’t realize that. One thinks THEY can do the job. Not only do the job but do it better than anyone else had. 

And so…..100 days later, we’re seeing that’s not true. Far from it. He has accomplished nothing. Nothing of substance. And lets not forget the corruption and conflicts that are being investigated. April Doss, a former NSA Counsel, will join the Senate Intelligence Committee on Monday to investigate Russia and our election. 

During that interview with three Reuters reporters the other night, in the middle of discussing an important topic trump pulls out three maps to give them. Maps of the United States with the electoral numbers from the election! Yeah, that election almost SIX months ago! He told them, “Here, you can take that. That’s the final map of the numbers.”

For me……….THAT says it all! It was never, ever about governing. About learning. Listening. Protecting this country and the people. About growing. About leaving this country a better place than when he took office. No. It was all about winning! 

And where his ego and his winning leaves this country will remain to be seen. 

See you here next time………………..

15 thoughts on “The First 100 Days ~

  1. We are living in very scary times. I think since he – sorry, can’t even say his name, thinks this is so hard and he really enjoyed his old life, we the people would be very happy to have him quit. Then we could get some sleep at night once again.

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      • I don’t think his base will “smarten up” because it was never about brains or facts with them. Bill Maher said it so well on his show that I just saw a clip of today. His base liked how things were mid-century because white men were in charge and those of us who weren’t white or men basically had to keep our mouths shut and obey their rules. These people think he will put the culture back to that time and that’s what they really want. They are afraid and going on pure emotion and that’s why giving them the facts was never sufficient to open their eyes. It’s always been inconceivable to me that they voted for him but them acting on the basis of fear rather than facts makes some sense to me (though it’s still not something I would ever do).

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      • Oh, I totally agree with you. I gave up very early into the campaign attempting to sway anyone’s opinion. They ARE what they are, the trump voters. And for ALL the reasons that you stated. It’s their culture. A culture I’m so grateful I was not raised with! And a culture I have absolutely NOTHING in common with. Hence, I dropped many, many people on FB during the campaign and also many so-called friends and even family in my personal life. And I’m quite happy with my choice to do so!


  2. Danielle Steel said exactly the same thing as you did here! When people tell her how they could write books and do it better, she always says: “You didn’t and furthermore you can’t.”

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    • It’s so true. It’s wonderful to have potential and talent and nobody should be discouraged. However, when ego surpasses common sense……..that’s when it becomes delusion. Which is what trump has an abundance of!


      • I was a sub teacher the last 2 yrs before (joyously) retiring. Trump reminds me of a sub teacher: Not the right credentials for the job, but will have to do until the REAL thing comes along, because, hey, SOMEBODY has to sit with the children and make it look like SOMETHING is happening!

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