Berkshires ~ Part II

The evening we arrived it was spitting rain and a chilly/raw 36 degrees! Having left New England 30 years ago, this wasn’t chilly… me, it was downright cold! But we weren’t there to enjoy the weather. There was too much fun to be had. And each day got a bit warmer, so that by Thursday we hit a balmy 63 degrees, with sunshine and a definite feel of spring in the air.

When I visited Williamstown at age 14 with my parents, the one thing that made the biggest impression on me was the white steeple church. It gave me a sense of truly coming full circle when I returned last week and saw the exact church as I had remembered it over so many years!


Half the fun was driving from town to town, discovering new shops, seeing new things, meeting new people, and always………lots of laughing. I feel the Berkshires are the epitome of New England. So much history, so picturesque and so many charming towns.

One of my favorites was Stockbridge. For some reason, I just resonated with the downtown area and Main Street. Such pretty old-fashioned shops, tulips and daffodils in bloom, huge leafy trees and very friendly people.


And as we were strolling about, all of a sudden my eye caught a sign hanging from a building. Walking closer to read it, I hollered to Alice, “LOOK at this! Talk about serendipity!” I had completely forgotten that Arlo Guthrie’s song, Alice’s Restaurant, had been written about the REAL Alice’s Restaurant in Stockbridge, Massachusetts! The original has closed, but in its place? Theresa’s Stockbridge Cafe! Yes, I go by “Terri” but my given name is Theresa, spelled exactly that way. Definitely a serendipity moment for the two of us!

At the end of the street is the beautiful and historic Red Lion Inn. Needless to say, this is where we chose to have lunch. We enjoyed a nice glass of wine, a delicious lunch and we wandered about enjoying the antique furniture and beautiful decor. The Red Lion has a lovely gift shop and after browsing in there, we got a drink at the bar to take outside to their veranda overlooking Main Street. This was our final day in the Berkshires, but as we sat there sipping our drink, we looked back over the past week and held our memories close. Because even though Alice is now back in the Boston area and I’m here in Florida, we’ll always be only a phone call or text away. Because that’s just how it is with best friends! And the best part? We loved the area and time together so much………we are already booked at the Cornell Inn in Lenox to return next year on May 7. Hey, life is too short not to have wonderful plans to look forward to! Next year we’re planning to use Lenox as our base again, but we’ll drive north to Vermont for a day and west to up state New York for another day. Oh…..the memories ahead of us!

See you here next time…………………..

5 thoughts on “Berkshires ~ Part II

  1. I loved reading about your visit to Stockbridge…one of my favorite places and only a short drive from my home in Goshen, CT. Did you get a chance to visit The Norman Rockwell Museum? I’m so glad you have plans to return next year. Perhaps you might be inspired to start writing again. I see a series with a Berkshire theme.

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. Oh, my goodness! We packed in so much, I forgot to mention and post the photos about the Rockwell Museum! Yes, we did visit and we loved it! I think I might have to do an update on this.


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