I’ve Been MIA ~

Where on earth do the days, weeks and months go?  Once again, time has slipped away from me. 

What have you been doing, you might ask.  Nothing spectacular.  Just those ordinary, every day kind of things.

Knitting, reading, lunching with girlfriends, more knitting, more reading, more lunching with girlfriends. Nothing that exciting. Just time consuming. And fun.

I began working on a cardigan for myself with the yarn I purchased at Colorful Stitches when I was in Lenox, Mass. last month.  And I’m also working on a baby blanket and sweater for my cleaning girl’s first grandchild who is due next month.  Photos will follow on a future post.

I’ve also taught myself the Portuguese style of knitting.  My BFF, Alice, called me recently and told me she discovered it and loved it. So I went to You Tube, watched some videos and thought, “yes, I want to try to this.” And……I’m hooked! I just love this style of knitting. It’s so much faster and my stitches seem to be more uniform.  It’s also supposed to be much easier on your hands and wrists.  I don’t have arthritis in my hands, but why tempt fate?  So if you’re a knitter, you might want to check it out.

And since I last posted, summer has arrived pretty much everywhere across the country.  Some areas are having excessive heat.  Florida is always hot and humid during the summer.  So the rain of the past few days has been a nice respite, bringing less humidity and lower temps.

If I’m home in the afternoon, I’ve been watching lots of Netflix and some PBS recorded shows.  I’ll save this discussion for a future post also. 

So that’s why I’ve been missing in action here………just enjoying the moments. 

And I promise to see you much sooner next time.  I do hope all is well with you……

8 thoughts on “I’ve Been MIA ~

  1. I just finished your last Ormond Beach series. I loved the characters, and it left me wishing for your next book. I know, at this time, you won’t be writing anymore. I fully understand your decision. I look forward to reading your postings. Enjoy the summer.

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  2. Well, I would say as long as your happy and doing what you love…then why stop. We are always here and in the summer hopefully all of us spend more time outside (here in New England anyways) than in the house…Our weather the last few weeks have been perfect…toss the windows open and let it all in…now that pollen season is over.
    I’m going to look up that new style of knitting just for the fun of it. I love looking things up…and see what I think. Thanks for that tip..
    So now, after a very full day with the boys…I’m going to bed to read…Just answering a bit of mail and checking out Facebook and that’s it. I’d go to bed now but it is kind of early…
    Have a great week Terri and just enjoy. At our age every day is special.


    • And its the opposite here in Florida. This is the stay inside, a/c, stay cool weather, which is also fine. I’m just hooked on this Portuguese method of knitting! “At our age?” I’m laughing because at 70, I have to say I truly feel no different than age 40. Check back with me when I hit 90….lol


  3. so happy to hear from you. was getting worried.hopefully Toulouse is keeping cool and happy inside. these high temps here in florida are brutal. getting a lot of reading done.

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    • Yeah, I’m afraid I dropped off the radar. But I’m back and look forward to chatting with all of you. Toulouse is just fine! He’s quite happy inside and has even avoided the screened in porch. Smart kitty!


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