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Summer months in Florida are similar to winter months in New England. If I’m not out and about dashing from air-conditioned car to air conditioned store, restaurant, movie theater……you fill in the blank…….then I’m home. Soaking up the cool air.  And since I’ve never been one to JUST sit, I’m either reading or if I’m knitting, I’m also watching something on TV.  Or Netflix. Or Amazon Prime.

Except for MSNBC for my news updates and info, I seldom watch many prime time shows. But I love both Netflix and Amazon Prime for my go-to viewing.

I recently watched season one of The Collection on Amazon Prime and loved it! 


The setting is Paris, France (big surprise that I love the series, right?) in the immediate aftermath of WWII.  The story centers around the Sabine family, a clan of couturiers trying to rebuild their fashion house. Toss in passion, gorgeous clothes, sibling rivalry, glamour, romance and you have a very entertaining series. Oh, and Meryl Streeps, daughter, Mamie Gummer, plays the sophisticated wife, Helen. I’m anxious for season 2 to be aired.

I watched a cute movie on Netflix, but the DVD is available on Amazon.


I’ve never been able to resist Sally Field. Ever since her Flying Nun days, I’ve adored her. And as we both got older, I also admired and respected her as a woman and activist. So I wanted to watch, Hello, My Name is Doris.  It was cute. It was quirky. It was even sad in parts. But over all, I really enjoyed it. Field plays the part of a sixty-something woman who romantically pursues her younger co-worker. I felt the reality of the story was that so many people are lonely. They function. They go through their days. But they feel ignored, left out and alone.  And I just find that very sad. But the movie isn’t a downer. It was uplifting in parts and also very meaningful.

And a few days ago I began watching The Dr. Blake Mysteries on Netflix….and yes, I’m hooked. 

The Doctor Blake Mysteries

Dr. Lucian Blake has returned home to Australia after 30 years to take over his deceased father’s medical practice. He’s also the police surgeon in the town of Ballarat. He has haunting memories of his service time during WWII and must also deal with his own personal loss.  He’s unconventional and unpredictable, but he’s also ahead with forensic science. The other characters are also great and so far, I’m enjoying every episode. Just finished season one and began season 2. Apparently, the show has 4 seasons available and season 5 will be aired later this year. 

And for you PBS viewers you probably know Grantchester is now airing a new season.  I’m also watching the summer series, My Mother and Other Strangers, on PBS.  And I love it!

If you have any tips to share on good viewing, feel free to tell us with a comment.

See you here next time……………….





3 thoughts on “Netflix & Amazon Prime

  1. Well, it sound like you have plenty to keep busy with. Yes, we go out in summer and stay in during the winter and you reverse that. I understand…I’m sure you’ve heard our weather has been lovely here lately…No complaints from me.

    I also watched Hello My Name is Doris and loved it…and I just wrote down to check out The Collection. I like the series but not much else. My TV is hardly ever on except to catch up on Trumpy in the morning when I’m on the treadmill…even at that I have to switch the channel if they let him make an appearance. He is making such a fool of all those people in his cabinet…just doing his thing and being a “movie star”…makes me so sick I don’t hardly watch…Other than that, lots of books, some knitting and working on my new blog…and lets no forget about my “boys”…they always have first stab at my time…

    Enjoy your holiday weekend…we are heading up to Maine for a quiet week. No kids for the first time…I might be lonely…LOL

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