The Joy of Knitting ~


I was taught to knit around age 10 or 11 by my mother, who was an expert and avid knitter. So was my aunt. I can’t remember if I actually wanted to learn, but I probably did. I was an only child, growing up in the cold New England winters and my dad worked second shift. So after supper, etc. my mom knitted while we watched television together. Looking back, those were special mother/daughter times. Although, I’m sure I didn’t appreciate them as much as I should have.

So my mom taught me the basics of casting on, knit, purl, increase, decrease and binding off. I think I practiced a lot but can’t recall making anything. Fast forward to 1964 and I was pregnant with my first child. My mom was in a knitting frenzy knitting beautiful snowsuits, blankets, etc. for her first grandchild. She thought this was the perfect time for me to resume knitting. So she brought me to the local yarn shop in Salem for a refresher course. By then circular needles had become quite popular. And I did knit a little white sweater for Susan. But, although I went on to do fine needlework, hardanger, and various other crafts, knitting never called to me.

Not until about 15 years ago when I reconnected with my BFF, Alice. We’d known each other in high school and around 2002, found each other on the Internet and clicked. Unlike me, Alice had continued knitting all the years I had not. When she came to visit me in Florida and I saw the beautiful pullover she was making for her first grandson……..the rest is history! I was enthralled.  And when I began to discover the new fibers, colors, techniques, etc. I was addicted! And in these past 15 years, I don’t think a day has gone by where I haven’t knitted at least a couple of rows. (And most days, much more!)

So when Alice called me a couple of weeks ago to tell me about this new method (Portuguese knitting) of knitting that she discovered, I was curious. As I mentioned in a recent blog, I’m now hooked on this technique! I just love it. At the moment I’m working on the baby blanket in the photo above and also a top down baby sweater.  

As you’ll see in the first photo, the tension is controlled with my right hand. The working yarn goes around your neck or………you can purchase a proper knitting pin, which attaches to your left shoulder, (mine has a magnet)  to hold the strand. I tried the neck but ended up ordering a lovely butterfly pin and I find it easier to control the tension better with the pin. And then……I was a thrower knitter using my right index finger…… flick the yarn to make a new stitch with your left thumb. That’s IT. It works up SO fast and apparently is much easier on your hands and wrists. 

I’ve loved knitting for quite a while now, but with this new technique, I love it even more!

See you here next time…………….



3 thoughts on “The Joy of Knitting ~

  1. It’s truly not complicated at all and actually, quite similar to the way I’ve knitted all my life. It just took a bit of getting used to and it really moves along so much faster. Not to mention, its much easier on the hand and wrists because of so little movement involved.


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