Some day . . .


So remember the baby sweater I had started last week? It’s now finished. All blocked and waiting for me to finish the matching hat and a blanket. 

I love knitting baby items. The yarn is soft. The colors are pretty. And the project works up pretty fast. But I have no babies to knit for. So I make them as gifts. This one is for my cleaning girl’s first grandchild.

When my kids were small, I had put knitting aside.  Mainly because my mom was an expert knitter and she knitted constantly. So she made the sweaters, snowsuits, hats, mittens, blankets, etc. for my kids. And when I did begin to have grandchildren, I still hadn’t returned to knitting. And my mom continued to knit for them.

And now when I knit on a daily basis? When I’m a definite addicted knitter? My grandchildren are all grown! So I have no babies to knit for.

But I recently recalled hearing about a woman who had one daughter and assumed that some day she’d have grandchildren. So she began knitting baby items.  Lots of baby items! She put them lovingly away in a hopechest to save for some day. And then….some day arrived and she had her first grandchild. All of the blankets, sweaters, hats, etc. were finally going to be used. 

I love that story.  Maybe because it’s an example of hope.  Maybe because it represents the stability of family.  Or maybe simply because it represents love. I’m sure as that woman knitted away she wondered about the possibility of this child who might some day be an extension of her. What he or she would look like. Who they might grow up to become.  And her grandson did arrive and he’s now two years old.

I liked that story so much that I’m thinking maybe I should do that. In between working on adult projects, maybe I should begin knitting baby items for a future great-grandchild and just put them away. For some day. 

See you here next time……………………..

3 thoughts on “Some day . . .

  1. I love that story and I love that baby sweater. I knit one for my first grandson and now I need to start one for my granddaughter. I used to only knit blankets but when that baby arrived I wanted to do more. We wore a sweater that his grandpa wore that was knitted by his great great grandmother. I hope the one I knit lasts that long and is passed on.

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    • Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Good for you on expanding your knitting horizons! Will the new sweater be pink? It really is wonderful to have family heirlooms like hand knitted items to pass on for future generations. Almost like leaving a part of yourself behind. Happy knitting!


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