Jackie ~


I have always been captivated with Jacqueline Kennedy. Yes, I’m a Francophile, so I’m sure that’s part of it. But ever since 1960 when she became our First Lady, I loved her. She had such poise. Class. She was well-educated and intelligent.  I loved the fact that she had lived in France (At that time I had never even visited there, never mind lived there myself) She attended the Sorbonne. Even her maiden name, Bouvier had a lyrical, romantic, sound.  Quite simply, I admired her as a woman. 

So when a high school friend of my daughter recently told me about a book she had purchased years ago in Newport, Rhode Island, I knew I had to have it. It was originally published in 1974 and is a portrait of two sisters’ trip to Europe in the golden age of travel.


In 1951, Jackie (age 22) and her sister, Lee, (age 18) took their first trip to Europe together. How exciting! And as they traveled, they sketched and kept notes, creating a journal of their time abroad. They presented it to their parents on their return home.


So naturally, I was thrilled to discover I was able to purchase a used copy! It tells of a bygone era . . . when one crossed the Atlantic by ocean liner, took art lessons in Venice, visited counts and ambassadors in Paris and of course, wore white gloves in the afternoon.

It is a unique memoir and I’m delighted to be able to add it to my collection of treasured books.

See you here next time……………………


3 thoughts on “Jackie ~

  1. That book looks great…so glad your enjoying it. I Kennedy’s were never big fans of mine…so I never followed them and still don’t have much interest. I do, on the other hand, love the generation of young Kennedy’s coming up now…they seem more honest and really thoughtful in working for the people…So let’s just say I skipped a generation…I do like some of the photo’s though that you shared in that book.


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