Coffee Snob ~

Yeah, I admit it. Over the years I’ve somehow evolved into a coffee snob. 

And you probably saw the recent report that coffee prolongs our life. Well, that’s today. I remember a few years ago when they reported the opposite. And as always, I kept doing what “I” felt was best for me. So there was no pause or decrease in my coffee consumption.

I began drinking coffee around age 18.  I was a young mom and back in the 60’s, it was common to gather with other young moms in the neighborhood to chat, exchange news, and drink coffee. I admit I wasn’t fond of the taste initially. And…..horror!…….I drank it with saccharine tablets to sweeten it. (YUK!) And…….horror again…….I had no problem with instant coffee. Well, it wasn’t long before all of that changed.

When my mom dropped by, she wanted a “decent” cup of coffee, so she bought me a percolator. Not the one you used on the stove, but an electric one. All of a sudden, coffee began to taste better for me. And around that time artificial sweetener in packets came on the market. A major improvement over that saccharine!

And over all these years, I’ve come to truly love (and crave) my coffee. However, I’m also very fussy about my coffee.  It has to be strong. And dark. And the artificial sweetener disappeared about ten years ago. (WHAT a difference in the taste! That only distorted a very good coffee!)  It has to have a splash of Half & Half or cream. And it has to be hot. (Although I love iced coffee, but not in the morning for my first cup) And although I’ve tried the flavored coffees over the years, I very seldom have hazelnut, vanilla, etc. Told you I was fussy. Just give me good coffee!

And preferably, make that French coffee! (Big surprise, huh?) The first time I tried coffee in Paris in 1985, I was astounded at the difference from American coffee! It was SO good that when I’m in France, I drink it black. And on one of my trips there quite a few years ago, I returned home with not one, but two, French presses.

Oh, I think I neglected to mention that my snobbery isn’t isolated with just coffee itself. I love anything coffee related. Pretty or unusual mugs, various coffee makers,  coffee grinders, etc. At that time, I was working full-time in nursing management. So I bought a French press for use at home and a smaller one for my office afternoon coffee breaks. (I purchased them at Galleries Lafayette in Paris, so now they have warm memories) And…..I always, always came home loaded down with coffee in my luggage. Both ground and coffee beans. And I still have some in my freezer, which is always a treat when I use it.


And over the years my love for coffee only increased. I purchased an espresso/cappuccino machine. And I also have a machine to make just one cup. 


As a young mom, I consumed huge amounts of coffee. And during all my working years, same thing. I’m sure I had 6 to 8 cups a day. And yes, I actually did still sleep at night. Coffee never affected my sleeping. And decaf? Oh, please! No! I took a sip once to try it. That was my last sip. (Told you I was a coffee snob!)

And now I’ve hit a good place for me. Two cups in the morning and one or two mid-afternoon. (I can be anywhere in the world, without a watch or clock, and I will be able to tell you it’s between 2:00 and 3:00 because my craving for afternoon coffee kicks in)  About 30 years ago my mother bought me a Bunn coffee maker. She insisted they were the best. Mom was right! I’ve owned 3 since then and wouldn’t use anything else for my everyday coffee.


So needless to say, I was happy to hear the most recent report on coffee. Although, of course, had it been a negative report, it wouldn’t have decreased my consumption or love for coffee at all.

See you here next time…………………


5 thoughts on “Coffee Snob ~

  1. Terri, loved your artical………I could have written it……not in your always wonderful format………just theme. I too have always loved my coffee…..can drink it at any time night or day. And the Bunn is the best. Have to have my Keurig too…….still using my first one but it is growling at me so time for a new one. Love and hugs dear cyber friend.

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