Discovering Podcasts ~

I’ve always loved learning new things. Even as a child, my favorite word was “why?” 

Sometimes I feel there just aren’t enough hours in my day to consume everything! Between my knitting, reading, watching Netflix, social events, etc.

I guess that’s the reason I multi-task while knitting. I always watch a Netflix movie or series or one of my recorded shows. But I’ve yet to discover how to read/learn AND knit. Until now!

I happened to be on my knitting group page in Facebook and saw people mentioning they like to knit and listen to podcasts. I’ve heard about podcasts for quite a while but never actually took the time to investigate as to what, exactly, they are. Well, now I have. And I’m hooked! 

I’m able to listen on my iPad with my headset and knit away. I’m listening to Tides of History narrated by historian, Patrick Wyman. He explains that he did all the grad work and academics and brings it to the laymen level. He will be explaining and speaking about the fascinating topics ranging from the rise of the sovereign state to the fall of the Roman Empire.  This was just released this month.  It’s a 45 min. show and will air three times a month.  I’m just about finished with the first one and I’m hooked.

I admit I wasn’t that enthralled with history in high school but in college, I loved it. I soaked up History of Western Civ and when I began to have the opportunity to travel extensively, I loved history even more. And at age 70, its easy to understand how history got us to exactly where we are in the world right now.

So I’m delighted that I took the time to discover podcasts. And from what I see, there’s a million topics. I’m told there’s even some on knitting.  

See you here next time…………..

4 thoughts on “Discovering Podcasts ~

  1. It is always exciting to discover something new. I really enjoy Pinterest and sharing and learning new recipes, getting new patterns to knit and crochet etc. I will try podcasts. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


  2. Sounds great Terri. I want to start listening to pod-cast also…but haven’t started yet except to listen to one my son did…I just never seem to find the time…photography, editing, framing, knitting and reading…omg…but I love it all…
    I’m going to slow down a bit for the month of August…probably give up Facebook for awhile…the news is terrible and depressing…I need a break. I’m sure I’ll catch up with you though…
    Take care and have a great month…xoxo


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