Off the Radar ~

Gosh, I’ve been off the radar for seven weeks! A lot has happened. Both in our country and around the world. 

It wasn’t intentional that I haven’t written my blog. It was just . . . life.

So we’ve had hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, major political events. But it’s time to return to the writing world.

My heart broke for the Houston area and Harvey. And before we knew it, hurricane Irma was heading for Florida. My stress notched up to a new level. Is it coming to my area? Should we evacuate? If so, where to go? Because Irma was all over the place. The Tuesday before she was due to arrive I had booked a pet friendly hotel in Eufaula, AL. Had never heard of the town but it was right on the GA/AL border, west of Atlanta. Sounded good. Until it didn’t. Getting ready to leave early Saturday morning, my husband informed me Irma was now heading west! Long story short, canceled the hotel and booked a condo in Myrtle Beach, SC. 

So we arrived there on Sunday afternoon. It was ideal. First floor. Pet friendly. Spacious and comfy. Duncan, Brie and the two cats did super. They travel well and they adjust to new situations very well. So we settled in to wait and see what Irma would do. I was thrilled to hear from my neighbor on Monday that my house was intact. No damage! And our power was only off for 27 hours! But living on a half-acre with fourteen trees creates a lot of rubble and debris. However, I arrived home on Wednesday feeling very, very grateful. Some minor damage to the screen porch and lots of limbs and branches. But that was very minor compared to what others in Florida endured.

So I’ve been chilling out and trying to recoup some good energy. Watching a lot of series on Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. Doing lots of reading. And of course, lots of knitting. All the things that keep me balanced. 

If you were affected by any of the natural disasters, please know my thoughts are with you. It hasn’t been a great summer for so many.

It’s good to be back here. And I will see you here again very soon. I have lots of things to discuss and talk about.

And while I was on hiatus……..autumn arrived! So happy autumn to you.

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