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I saw a segment on the Today Show the other day about the touch screens on cars. Apparently, some of the newer ones coming out can be operated while the driver is driving the car. Technology can be great, but sorry, I feel this is simply an accident waiting to happen. Literally.

I could be wrong, but I thought the older models had to be stopped or in a park mode in order to utilize the screen. I don’t have a problem with that. But to be able to manipulate an automobile in traffic and also have the ability to touch the screen on your car like a iPad?  I have a major problem with that. 

What ever happened to safety when driving? I feel it’s over the line as it is. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been driving along, paying attention and suddenly the car to my left begins to veer into my lane. I glance over and their head is bent, obviously fooling with their cell phone. Or I’ve been at a red light, the light turns green, and the car in front of me sits. And sits. And sits. Until I give a toot of my horn. I see their head snap up and I know they’ve been texting, checking Facebook, whatever.

I took driver’s ed in high school in the 60’s. I had excellent training. I still recall my instructor telling me to always anticipate. To always be a defensive driver. He gave me tips and suggestions. And to this day, I’ve never forgotten them. Obviously, that class didn’t include driving and using a cell phone at the same time. No such thing as a cell phone in the 60’s.

We see it all the time on the news. X amount of people killed due to someone texting or doing something with their phone and NOT paying attention to their driving. We’ve become an instant society. I’m among the very few people I know who can actually be out driving and just DRIVE! Even if I get a call on my cell, unless I’m at a red light, that call will not get answered until I can safely pull over. Somehow we managed to survive back in the 60’s without instantaneous call backs. 

And now drivers will have the ability to divert their attention even more with these touch screens that can be used WHILE driving. Call me confused, but the safety factor of this simply makes no sense. But then…………..a lot of things make no sense to me these days.

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9 thoughts on “Safety ~

  1. I saw that story on TV, too, and couldn’t believe it. What are they thinking??? I have actually almost been hit head-on three times in the past week. It’s a good thing that I always anticipate what the other driver is going to do but it sure is scary. I feel that even at my age (and you know what it is…lol) I am a better driver than most of the people on the road.


    • Thank goodness you averted a major crash with your recent experiences! It’s terribly scary. I do feel that our generation are much more competent and responsible drivers. Perhaps its because of how we learned to drive. Maybe because we didn’t have all the gadgets available to people now. And I also feel it’s habit. We were taught that when we’re driving, to do just that. Drive and pay attention.


  2. Terri, I agree with your points. I just wanted to say I have a 1 year old car, therefore all the electronics are part of it. I can change stations on my touch screen while driving but I cannot enter a trip on my GPS, etc. The things that take more than 1 touch are disabled unless your car is on parking. Hope to see you soon!

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    • I can also change a radio station safely while driving. Beyond that, my attention is focused on the driving. I’m glad to hear your car doesn’t have the options available on these new high tech cars.


  3. The auto industry is contributing to many accidents due to their equipment. My answer is don’t buy it, if you can’t buy without it, don’t use it. I am afraid there are generations after me that can’t resist. We all become at risk.

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  4. I agree with you, Terri. Touch technology that works while the car is in motion is dangerous. They go on and on about how drinking a cup of coffee while you drive is dangerous. I don’t need to take my eyes off the road to sip my coffee. What is the difference between this technology and texting on your phone? I never buy new, and hopefully by the time this becomes affordably used-I won’t be looking for a different car.


    • Exactly. Taking a sip of coffee does not endanger my driving because while doing so, I never take my eyes off the road. I agree that there is no difference between texting and using this new car screen. I had hoped that the texting would decrease but now I can see it will not when these high tech cars are being produced.

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  5. It is sad…to see so many texting and using those screens. My car has one also but I can not work it while driving…it doesn’t let me…so that is a great feature…everything is though voice and hands free. I don’t usually use the phone in the car anyways…i just enjoy driving and listening to my turns…


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